Hiroyuki Matsuura

Hiroyuki Matsuura.jpeg



edition: 68/120
size: 280mm×390mm

material: paper

NT 68,000

Japanese, 1964




He started his artist career in 1984, working in advertising as a graphic and logo designer. In 1999, Matsuura created what he called “character illustration,” and used this theme to begin making one of his most well-known early works, Posters+ Packaging+ Skateboard. Matsuura works in a wide variety of media including animation, graffiti, graphic design, painting, and sculpture. In 2001, he gained recognition when he was awarded the Scout Prize at Takashi Murakami's (Japanese, b.1962) GEIJUTSU-DOUJOU/GP, at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. His work is often included in group exhibitions, such as Fiction.

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