郭彥甫一九七九年生於台灣,原為藝術表演者與演員,作品跨足音樂、主持、戲劇表演、時尚模特兒等各項領域。自兒時對藝術創作充滿了天份、偏好與見解,對自己而言,藝術是繁忙世界裡最寧靜和平之處。而後,為了實現個人長年的夢想,全心投入藝術埋首創作。在美學之路上,逐步建立起屬於自己的符號與品牌,以藝術與世界互動。開啟藝術創作事業的郭彥甫,除了舉辦個展與聯展,也活躍於國際各大藝術博覽會,曾參與法國巴黎YIA ART FAIR、英國LONDON GLOBAL ART FAIR、韓國ART BUSAN、上海青年藝術博覽會以及義大利威尼斯雙年展GAA基金會平行展。同時於2018年獲得上海寶龍美術館評委獎。


Kuo Yen Fu (b. 1979, Taiwan), as a former performing art artist, in his career of performing arts included music, host, modeling, and acting. Kuo’s interest  and talent in art started in his childhood; therefore, after 20 years of his career of performing arts he began his artistic creation. Kuo not only has launched solo exhibitions (2020, Estyle Art Gallery), group exhibitions in Taiwan, but also his works has been featured  in a variety of international art fairs, including YIA Art Fair, London Global Art Fair, Art Busan, Shanghai Young Art Art Fair, and Italy GAA Foundation Satellite Exhibition of Venice Biennale. Kuo is also a recipient of Shanghai Powerlong Art Museum Jury Award (2018, China). 



作品中持續探討一個議題 ''人與人間的關係'',你、我、他的關係牽引著人的思緒,其中思緒中有正負兩面,負面將導致現代人心走向貧乏、潰堤…如何化負面為正向?觀看自己是非常重要的課題,不是批判自己,而是永遠站在別人角度思考,將會得到很多原諒;世界越複雜必須化繁為簡方能使其自在,試著多花點時間看看自己將會有非凡的收穫。

Artist Statement

Creation is a grand feast of self confession, yet this feast is life. From time to time, this banquet may serve dishes that are not suitable for us; people who joined us may also be unsuited. We feasted with curiosity in a haste, yet how do we retreat elegantly? It is a wisdom of life carried with laughter and tears.

The works continue to discuss the subject of relationship between people. How do we draw people’s emotions?  Emotions towards life are reversible. While lack of positivity leads modern people’s state of mind into dilapidation, how do we transform negativity to the bright side? Introspection is a significant subject of life, putting ourselves into other’s shoes instead of criticizing will receive much more forgiveness. The more complex this world may be, the more simple it should be. 

沙灘假期Beach Vacation (73cmX60cm)複合媒材-2020.

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