lee yun bok




material: stainless steel,forging

size: 385mm


Korean, born 1970




Born in Seoul, Korea in 1970, Lee Yun Bok has been working almost exclusively focusing on the fundamental core of human body and humanity. He creates work from hard stainless steel that feels heavy and is light, looks firm and yet soft, with essential elements and simplicity. The creation of his work begins with damaging a pure metal plate through hammering, bending and cutting, and then attaching the damaged metal pieces by welding to create a new life. Likewise, the core of our body and soul are damaged and hurt as well, and they are similarly mended, comforted and purified over time.

Although his work process requires a tremendous amount of time and labor, he believes that his work evolves through the process of making, i.e. it is spontaneously generated in the process of making. As the artist says “Artwork is made on the border between mind and body. We go to sleep feeling the pain of our body, and so we awake.” And again, “…to me the process is a part of the artwork itself and it is where its soul emerges”.
With a mirror-liked body, the evolution of his work never stops as it mutates into new forms with its ever changing surroundings. Its soul speaks to the hearts of those who look upon it.

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