Yu Chuan, an accomplished artist at articulating the classical into contemporary artworks, mastering the amalgamation of water colour and acrylics.  One would not be able to miss the strong charisma and unique and powerful brush stoke techniques displayed by his artworks.  The series of “Stranding Moment” continues to exhibit characteristics of movement and colours. The irregular sizing of wooden blocks in itself is one eye catching feature. The arrangement of these rectangular and square blocks in the gallery transform into a ray of light. An invitation for the audience to pace along the exhibits which has been strategically displayed in both its space and its dimension, to bring about an unconventional approach to artwork appreciation.  This also demonstrates the artist’s continual strive for breakthrough. 


The “Standing Moment” series, compared to it’s predecessors, displays greater absence of colours.  The power of black and white contrasts versus gradual shadings of black and white, and vibrant colours gorgeously presented with such fine details.  Many has commented they see nature in Yu Chuan’s artworks, from dances of colours in the sky, to streaming water with markings on stones and moving lava, all encompassing a time factor.  Whether it be a fleeting moment of arrays in the sky to thousands of years for the formation of mountains and gems.  Compressing the time element into a limited space.  The uniqueness of “Stranding Moment” is a challenge for the artist to showcase the boundless in the limited space with a width of 100mm.  Due to such restraint, Yu Chuan must let go of his iconic powerful brush