2021.03.12 - 2021.04.04


"This exhibition is named with digits. The pandemic has led the world to track the change in digits.

It is easy to quantify, yet continuous divisions turns it into something that understandably exists yet difficult to quantify, just like my work. Creations that I want to bring to the world that is obscure but truly meaningful. "


Shinnosuke Tojo expresses his works through solid medium and tools,yet his expressions grinds away freely as light reflects in different dimensions. The abstract is brought to life in reality through his craftsmanship.


Steering away from perfectionism. Foolish perhaps, one must follow his passion, and in this pursuit create not the ultimately perfect piece, but to allow the creation to speak for itself when the artist truly expresses himself.

截圖 2021-02-22 下午3.59.11.png
截圖 2021-02-22 下午3.59.08.png

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