Tenmyouya Hisashi

Hisashi Tenmyouya Poster 2006.jpg


Official Art Poster 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany


edition: 467/800 , 434/800

size: 970mm×660mm

NT 15,300

Japanese, 1966




Tenmyouya Hisashi is a Japanese contemporary artist.
He supposed his unique Japanese painting "Neo Nihonga" which revives Japanese traditional paintings as a contemporary art.
And in 2000 he also created his new style "Butouha" which shows the resistant attitude for authoritative art system through his paintings.
In 2010 he proposed a new Japanese art scheme named "BASARA" which is extravagant and extraordinary and embodies a Samurai aesthetic like "Basara" in
Nanboku dynasty era and "Kabuki-mono" in the end of Sengoku era.
In 2012 he produced a new commercial gallery to cause a sensation.Therefore he always keeps challenging to make a new style against Japanese snobbish society.
Some of the major group exhibitions he has participated in include the 2002 " Kawanabe Kyosai and Tenmyouya Hisashi Exhibition " (Kawanabe Kyosai
Memorial Museum (Saitama, Japan)) and " One Planet under a Groove : Hip Hop and Contemporary Art " (Bronx Museum (New York) and Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), the 2003 " The American Effect " (Whitney Museum of American Art (New York)), the 2006 " The Berlin - Tokyo Exhibition " (Neue
Nationalgalerie (Berlin)), the 2010 " 17th Biennale of Sydney " (Sydney,Australia), and the 2010 " BASARA Exhibition "(Spiral Garden(Tokyo, Japan)) Hosted, planned, and curated by Tenmyouya.

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