Toranomon figure


size: 110mm

material: Polystone


Meet the Mascot for this new landmark. His name is Toranomon (トラのもん). Doesn`t he look very familiar to you? A relative of the famous Doraemon? Toranomon is created by the same manga production company as Doraemon, Fujiko Pro. It says that Toranomon is a cat-like business robot that travel from 100 year ahead to the present by a time machine. The body is white in color, ears and tail of a cat and black stripes of a tiger on the head, arms, tail and side of the body.
Fittingly ‘Tora’ means Tiger in Japanese and ‘Mon’ means gate, making Toranomon a Tiger-gate. Surely the striped Toranomon Hills logo has been used to convert the blue skinned Doraemon into a rather friendly tiger.

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