yu chuan

Yu Chuan.jpeg

Flower series


size: 320mm×230mm

material: oil on canvas

NT 25,000

Taiwanese, born 1982




Yu Chuan is a contemporary artist who graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts. He once lived in Spain, Italy, Japan and other countries for inspirational artistic creation. Now residing in Shanghai, Yu Chuan combines Western materials with the Eastern culture and painting techniques. He also uses his own innovative skills to make his paintings come alive by creating and constructing a unique mix of the East and West.

Color is an important element to Yu Chuan’s work. He uses both Chinese brush techniques and Western oil colors to express freedom and life on canvas. Chinese painting techniques create a high degree of freedom with splashing of ink and other brush strokes. Uses of oil colors are used to inspire a sense of happiness. His choices of natural colors are meant to embody life itself. Yu Chuan believes that “Every color in life can be applied to paining”. Chinese mythology, another important element in Yu Chuan’s artistry. A choice of subjects like the dragon or the phoenix is meant to draw the observer into an inner reality. Taking from Buddhist scripture, the artist believes, “a flower is a world, and a tree is the universe”, and seeks to express this truth through his paintings.

Yu Chuan combines materials, methods and a deep life philosophy to create his own magic code of painting. Strokes are rough and powerful, seeking to represent the balance of distinctiveness and indistinctiveness we find in life. Yu Chuan seeks to have his creations breathe through his use of brush techniques and choices of color. In addition, his choices of scared animals are meant to draw out the mystery, freedom and vitality of life itself. His works have always been created with such a relationship between people and nature.

An artist’s creativity is driven by the spirit of freedom. Yu Chuan’s works represents a breakthrough in the limits of oil painting. He paints with a more rakish approach, inheriting the charm and ideas of Chinese painting. He combines the color of Western painting with the artistic state of Chinese art. Greatly praised by the art community, he creates an oil painting style belonging to the Orient.

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